1. To provide, through progressive instruction, a basis of performance skills and experience that will develop confidence and enthusiasm
2. To increase the understanding of guitar literature, technique, note-reading ability, and music theory
3. To encourage and promote the concept of musical performance as a creative art and means of communication


These items below need to be purchased before or shortly after beginning guitar lessons:
Guitar  (see Instrument Guide before purchasing)
Spiral Notebook  (Any Size)
Curriculum Book

Items that may need to be purchased in the future:



Students are encouraged to complete a full semester.  Weekly notes will be kept so the student or parent can reference progress.  Typically, an optional performance will be scheduled at the end of each semester for students that have reached a level of proficiency on their assigned pieces.  Good work is encouraged, as well as having a positive and joyful experience.

Make-Ups or Termination:

Make-up lessons are not offered.  If any event or emergency occurs and a lesson must be missed, please contact Shepherd Guitar Studio if you are able.  Please give as much notice as possible if you are not continuing lessons.  Reasons for teacher-initiated termination include: non-payment, habitually poor preparation for lessons, or excessive missed lessons.

Student Information and Agreement Sheet

-> Click here to download and print the Student Information and Agreement Sheet.