Our Lessons



The Shepherd Guitar Studio begins with a focus on fingerstyle guitar instruction.  For students, especially young beginners, a classical style (nylon string) guitar is recommended.  As technique and ability improves, your options for playing many different types of music greatly increase.

While the basics of learning the guitar are similar in many ways, people have different tastes in music.  Shepherd Guitar Studio takes this into consideration and works with you to determine your goal as a guitarist.

Along with learning to play the guitar, you will also learn about music theory and about developing a good ear (Ear training).   Shepherd Guitar takes a unique approach to these subjects, and teaches these concepts along with your instruction.

Additional questions:

If you are wondering what to expect when you are learning the guitar, read the “Why Lessons-Learning to Play” section.  This tab at the top of the page has links to help you determine your goals and help you begin to accurately gauge your progress.

I also would enjoy answering any questions or giving you encouragement if you are feeling like you are not catching on, something seems difficult, or your progress seems slow.

If you are interested in taking lessons, please call or email to schedule a time.  Your goals are very important to me!  I do my best to make sure you enjoy your time and are pleased with your results.




PRIVATE INSTRUCTION (one on one/in person)

For a ½ hour lesson once a week, the monthly fee is $125.  Evening private instruction is limited

Monthly payment:

Monthly Individual – Private 30 minutes per week –  $125.00

Monthly Individual –  1 hour per week –  $250.00


For a 3/4 hour small group lesson once a week, the monthly fee is $125.  These lessons are offered for younger students, mostly beginner, and are created only when 3 or more students have an interest in learning the guitar together.  These lessons are not always available.
Monthly payment:

Monthly Small Group – 45 minutes per week –  $125.00






Months containing 5 lessons, rather than a typical 4, will not require an additional payment in order to serve for closures on major holidays.  The monthly lesson rates listed above stay the same.  For the most part, the calendar will follow the traditional schedule of the public schools.  Please reference the LISD Academic Calendar for all holidays within the school year or use the list below as a reference.

Lesson price is determined per year and is based on a total of 44 lessons for the year.

Due to holidays, Monday lessons require 1 additional scheduled lesson on another day of the week, or during the month of August (see note below), to equal 44.


November 19-223, 2018

December 24, 2018 – January 4, 2019

Spring Break:
March 11-15, 2019

Exception:  September 3, 2018 – January 21, 2019 – May 27, 2019 (Monday Lessons will be available on these holidays)

Summer Months:

Lessons are also available during the summer.  If you would like to keep your current lesson time, you must pay for lessons during June and July.  If you choose to take the summer off, your lesson time cannot be guaranteed for the following school year.

Please Note:  During the month of August, we do not have guitar lessons.  You will not be charged for this month.  (This month is also used for bad weather days and 1 lesson available for Monday students)

Please Remember:

Shepherd Guitar Studio does not offer make-up lessons.  Please give as much notice as possible if you are not continuing lessons.