Instruction Method

The instruction used is based on several methodologies, so each student is evaluated individually for the best curriculum.  Ages 6+ are welcomed to take lessons.  All skill levels are welcome!

Guitar lessons:

Lessons will be built from the student’s current knowledge.  Most of the time, lessons with a trained instructor are the best way to learn a skill.  In these lessons, you are free to ask any questions and experiment with the guitar to understand more about it.  You can work directly with the instructor and receive detailed answers.  Many people need their questions answered in different ways to really understand.  This type of instruction allows this interaction to take place.  Ultimately, with a great instructor, you will excel as fast as you want to go.  Also, difficult techniques can also be learned, because the right instructor can work for your benefit, determine your individual need, and find out what motivates you.

When you attend your first lesson, the instructor will determine a curriculum that will work best for you, considering your age and musical desires.

For example, using a popular guitar teaching curriculum can help create excellent results, yet often times the approach must be changed to fit each individual.  Older students often need lessons that directly relate to the music they enjoy, or the music they need to learn for future concerts or performances that they are involved in.  College students often need a more rigorous agenda, so a very strict teaching style is used to help them know what is expected of them on the college level.

Whatever the case, Shepherd Guitar Studio can help you learn to play the guitar!

Group Atmosphere:

Teaching in a small group setting adds a unique element to learning the guitar.  It can inspire people to go farther, especially when healthy competition and challenges are involved.  Also, the group setting can help the individual experience what it is like to play with other people, and ask questions that they would not otherwise think to ask.  Group lessons also follow a curriculum, and again, this is chosen based on age and skill level.  Groups are formed when Shepherd Guitar Studio has several students of similar age or ability, so these classes are offered only on an as needed basis.


Online performances and original works are also offered on this You Tube Channel.  If you are interested in posting a performance of your own on YouTube, please contact Shepherd Guitar Studio.